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Pleasure Cruises

A cruise with panoramic views and a close up of the most easterly points of the Northern Territories.


Cruise Route Habomai Port -> Cape Nosappu -> Kaigara-jima Lighthouse Midpoint -> Habomai Port
Cruise Duration Each cruise is approximately 2 hours duration

Visit Cape Nosappu and travel 3.7 kilometres to the Kaigara-jima (Signalny Rock) Lighthouse, the Mid-point which is the most Eastern point of the Northern Territories (further east is under the administration of Russia). Also, to the north is the Sea of Okhotsk and to the south are the waters of Pacific Ocean, where it may be possible to observe whales, dolphins, sea otters and sea ice.

Cruise Schedule

Cruise ScheduleCruises operate from 1 November - 30 April
Departure Schedule2 times daily 1. Depart 9:30 - return to port 11:30
2. Depart 12:00 - return to port 14:00

* Reservations are required in advance. Departure times and cruise durations may be altered based on consultation with passengers.
* Operational practices are overseen by the Hokkaido Department of Transportation based on the regulations for the operations of a business for occasional coastal transport of passengers.
* The cruise may be cancelled or the route altered during periods of sea ice.
* All activities are at the discretion of the captain.


Prices Adult7,000 yen
(less than 15 years old)
3,000 yen (must be accompanied by an adult)
DiscountsGroup discountsGroup bookings for 10 passengers or more will receive a 10% discount.
Bookings All bookings must be made in advance
Tickets are sold at the booking office
132-2 4-chome Habomai Nemuro City Hokkaido Japan 087-0892
Habomai Fishermen's Cooperative Association
Authority : Pleasure Cruise Section
Tel 0153-28-2124

* Prices include tax
* For safety reasons, pre-school children and disabled people including those confined to a wheelchair are not permitted on the cruise.

Access to the departure point

Gathering Point 132-2 4-chome Habomai Nemuro City Hokkaido Japan 087-0192
In the office of the Habomai Fishermen's Cooperative Association

* Make your own way to the gathering point
Ride the Nemuro Kotsu Bus bound for the Nosappu Line from the bus terminal located in front of the JR Nemuro Station.
Disembark at the Habomai bus stop - about 30mins from the bus terminal. The gathering point is a 5-10 minute walk from the bus stop.

Pleasure Cruise Data

Cruise VesselHabomai Maru No. 15 - a 9.7ton light alloy motorboat launched December 1997
OnboardToilet and cabin
Capacity16 adults (12 Passengers, 2 crew members and 2 guides)


Items prohibited onboard Pets, valuables and sharp objects such as knives, cutters and scissors.
For passengers feeling discomfort during the cruise The vessel is fitted with an internal cabin for up to 5 adults and a lavatory. For emergencies an AED unit is also onboard.


Telephone 0153-28-2124
132-2 4-chome Habomai Nemuro City Hokkaido Japan 087-0192
Habomai Fishermen's Cooperative Association Authority : Pleasure Cruise Office

Habomai Fishermen's Cooperative Association